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Social Media Optimization TIps

August 23

How does social media optimization benefit small businesses?

In a couple recent posts on the SMO Pros Blog, I tackle the topic of social media optimization (SMO), and how it affects small businesses. Your social media presence not only gives you a useful tool for communicating with customers , but it provides valuable search engine optimization benefits as well. And it all begins with strong content that is relevant to your target audience, and to the priorities of your brand. Check out the full articles here:

Quick Tips: Social Media Optimizationfor Small Business


Social Media for Brands: The Power of Interaction

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How does SMO work with SEO?

May 8

How does SMO work with SEO?

(From the SMO Pros Blog)

There is a definite, though oft-ill-defined link between social media activity and search engine optimization. While evidence and opinions on this link continues to evolve, it is clear that good social media content does positively affect your main website's SEO, if you are linking back to the site and have your accounts set up and connected properly. Almost as important, good social media activity raises your overall online presence in a positive way. This is all about creating good content that your audience wants, and giving yourself more opportunities to be found online. To learn more, check out the full blog post that I wrote on the SMO Pros Blog: How does SMO work with SEO

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What is SEO?

April 10

How does SEO (search engine optimization) work in today's online search world?

(From the SMO Pros Blog)

Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been a moving target, but never more than today. With all the changes in search engine algorithms and the emergence of factors like social search, SEO has to be en evolving strategy that adapts to how people are using online search, and how the search engines are adapting their systems. For a quick primer on the basics of SEO, check out the full blog post I wrote on the topic for the SMO Pros Blog: What is SEO?

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What is SMO?

January 16

Jeffrey Kent Copywriting has entered into a new venture with a couple of well-regarded partners ( and Epiphany Graphics). Our new company is called SMO Pros, and we offer a range of social media optimization services for businesses. What is social media optimization, you ask? Well, let's delve into that topic, borrowing from a blog post I recently composed on the SMO Pros Blog:


What exactly is SMO, and how does it affect online visibility?

SMO stands for social media optimization. It is the smart integration of all your social media activity into one cohesive strategy that works with your main website's search engine optimization (SEO) and with your greater online marketing plan. In very basic terms, SMO helps you boost your online presence so that more people can find you easier. It also connects everything to maximize your online marketing efforts and boost your official business profile across all social media properties. For more on this topic, check out the full blog post I wrote for the SMO Pros Blog: What is SMO?

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Cater to Your Best Client, You

April 27

As an independent creative professional, it's easy to get stuck in a rut of working only as a gun-for-hire. After all, we all need to pay the mortgage (or rent). However, for those who dwell in the creative space, it’s also important to flex your intellectual muscles every now and then by pursuing projects that are near and dear to you. These aren’t mere artistic exercises; personal projects can yield results that benefit your career and shape up your business’ bottom line.

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More Fun with E-mail Promos

March 27

In the midst of the social media fever that's gripped modern marketing, we shouldn't forget other vehicles for delivering messages to clients. E-mail promos offer a great opportunity to contact clients directly with more customized design and branding.

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Having Fun with E-mail Promos

February 18

Part of professional communication is making sure you keep in touch with your customers in ways that promote your message without being too intrusive. E-mail can be a great vehicle, if you use it correctly.

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Want to optimize? Try original, genuine content.

February 1

Everyone’s keen on search engine optimization (SEO) these days, and rightly so. Showing up at the top of the heap in a Google search can open up an express lane to profits, or at least to a lot of new interest in your site. 

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