What is SMO?

January 16


Social media optimization (SMO) combines these two critical pursuits into one integrated plan. When done correctly, SMO connects your social media outreach efforts to your SEO efforts, providing a comprehensive system for driving more people to your website while also enriching your customer engagement.

Okay great. But how does this system work, exactly? Well, the first step is often optimizing your website to be more visible to search engines—some good, forward-thinking SEO that accounts for both on-site structural elements (site architecture, code, internal link structure, images and navigation, page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords) as well as external promotion through other high-traffic, well-respected websites.

The next step is optimizing your social media presence to channel traffic to your site while also presenting your brand effectively. This means ensuring that your social profiles are set up correctly, connected to your blogs and website promotions, and designed to help your business project the personalized message that you want your fans to share. Your level of success using social media relies greatly on how well these sites, fan pages, and accounts are working together in order to create the highest level of exposure to both social site users and search engines.

Finally, a good SMO system gives you a platform for interacting with your customers in a more meaningful way. When properly managed, social media campaigns enhance your ability to correspond with customers, they help you build relationships, and they allow you to reach new customers more effectively than ever.

This is the new era of online marketing, where customer engagement is critical, and social media tools offer tremendous benefits if used correctly. It’s not just about search engine rankings anymore. And site traffic is only part of the story. SMO offers an opportunity to combine the mass marketing elements of SEO with the personal connection offered by social media. Welcome to the new frontier of social media optimization.

For a free SEO / SMO assessment of your business, contact SMO Pros to set up a consultation. Our strategic, multi-point process has been designed to give you a successful SMO foundation, boost your SEO, and drive more potential customers to your site.

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