Having Fun with E-mail Promos

February 18

E-mail promos and e-newsletters can be a hot-button issue because a lot of people very strictly guard the cleanliness of their inboxes. My approach to e-mail marketing is to keep it simple and make sure that I never overload my audience. No one wants to get promotional e-mails from you six times a week, no matter how many great things you have to say. It's better to sum up your messages and deliver them in one concise, well conceived vehicle that grabs your audience's attention, delivers your points effectively and then lets people get on with their day.

One way you can do this is by tying in your e-mail message or e-newsletter to a holiday theme. It's a fun way to reach out to people, send a clever message and remind them of how you can help them with your products or services. If it's timely and topical, people are more likely to open it. Recently, I partnered with Annie Harmon from Harmony Design to send out a couple of e-mail promos, one for her business and one for mine. We tied them to Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year, respectively. Maybe it was the holiday theme, maybe it was Annie's fantastic design, maybe it was the copy, but we both had excellent open and click-through rates--not to mention great responses from our clients and prospects. Check out the promos here:

Rekindle the Love

The Year of the Rabbit 

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