Manifest Messaging Meets Modern Media

In the overwhelming cacophony of modern media, you need a coherent message to communicate effectively. It’s the spice in your soup, the caffeine in your coffee, the sugar in your Pixie Stix. You want to reach your audience? You need a manifest message.

Jeffrey Kent Copywriting & Editorial specializes in optimizing your message for a variety of formats. Make sure you’re injecting substance into your communications. Contact Jeffrey Kent Copywriting & Editorial today.

July 15

Very excited to be working on content for the 5Points music festival. Details are still under wraps, but it's an exciting concept backed by some big players. More soon!

July 1

We just wrapped up the Hot One Awards, one of the photo industry's biggest product competitions, with full project management and content production by Jeff Kent.

June 25

Jeff Kent has been named to the Wonderstruk Media team, providing content strategy, copywriting, and social media marketing consulting for a range of clients in the entertainment field.